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Business 7 reviews Jobshout

New software package lets small agencies compete with the big boys

A new software package could help small and medium-sized recruitment agencies boost their internet presence.

Jobshout makes it easier for firms to publish jobs on their own websites and helps raise their profile on major search engines such as Google and MSN.

The application also collates data on how well the site is doing, including where it is ranked in keyword searches, how many page views each job is getting, where visitors are coming from and whether they are coming back.

There has already been interest from all over the UK with firms keen to take advantage of a free trial.

Nathan Mayatt, managing director of Workstation Solutions, which developed Jobshout, said: "We want people to try it out because we think they will love it.

"It is almost a product that sells itself. It is all very well having a good website but the key is people finding it.

"This allows the smaller and medium-sized businesses to have the same kind of profile as the big boys."

Publishing a job on the web involves using a form and entering the appropriate content.

The software does the formatting and finds similar positions to add as links.

Visitors can go to lists of jobs based on market sectors or do more sophisticated searches based on salary, locations, market sectors, skills and other keywords.

Workstation chairman Steve Gibson said: "We built Jobshout in answer to our own web requirements since there were simply no products out there that did what we needed as recruiters, and the results have been dramatic.

"The traffic coming to our site has increased exponentially.

"We have double the number of unique visitors that we had a year ago, and something like 10 times the number of page views.

"The beauty of the web is that even small companies can perform well in web searches and drastically increase their profile through using the web cleverly.

"Jobshout is a major tool to help them do just that."

For more information go to www.jobshout.co.uk.

It is currently available on a two month no risk trial.


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